Saturday, December 5, 2009

When Is Your Child Ready For A Sleepover

Potty training is not a prerequisite skill for a happy sleepover. If your child is comfortable at a relative house or at a friend's house, he can have a successful sleepover. You just need good communication and a realistic plan. Give your child's host a accurate description of his potty skills.

  • Be completely honest with your child. If your child has accidents, don't let him talk you into believing he won't. He can go to the sleepover if he agrees to realistic conditions.

  • Make a realistic plan. Do you need the host to be hands on potty helper? Does your child need to agree to nighttime pull-ups? Do you need to send along a plastic mattress cover or your child's sleeping bag?

  • Be completely honest about what's required for success. If the host doesn't want to be responsible to give your child reminders, it is better to wait a few months or longer to find a more appropriate sleepover host.

  • Give it a try and have a plan b just in case. Prepare in your head, "If this doesn't work, I'm ready to give a great pep talk and we'll go to our favorite place for breakfast."

  • Arrange with your child. "If you have an accident, Ill pack extra pajamas and your friend's mom will warp up your sleeping bag for you."

  • Discuss in advance with the host. "If you notice that my son is upset, please call me at any time. I'll be happy to pick him up."