Saturday, December 5, 2009

Making Your Bathroom Child Friendly

Some children will happily potty anywhere at any time. But for other children a bathroom i a formidable place with big and hard fixtures, cold expectations. Your first trick in potty preparedness is making sure the bathroom is a happy place for your child.

You don't need a professional decorated child theme bathroom to entice your child. You definitely don't expensive fixtures and accessories that have you hovering over your child's use. What does your child looks at when he sit on the potty? Would he like a mirror to see him self? Would he like to see a peace of his artwork framed or an enlarged picture of himself on the potty or him washing his hands? Would he like a book basket nearby? Look at your potty room from your child's point of view and create a place of ease and comfort for your child.

  • If your child wants nothing to do with the big scary toilet, give him a potty chair of his own to help him feel more in control. They are different styles to choose from you have the standard potty chair which is one peace of plastic design to sit on the floor, you have fancy potty chair that are build with light and sound to reward your child every time he or she make s a deposit, and last but not least the all in one potty chair which can be used as a potty chair that sits on the floor and when your child is ready to move up to the adult toilet, the seat can be removed and use as a toilet hole reducer. Always remember let you child pick his potty if he like it he's more likely to use it willingly.

  • Other jump at the idea of using a toilet, in that case you will need a toilet hole reducer which come in all different shape and sizes to accommodate to you and your child's taste and also a footstool to help your child into the toilet. For small children choosing a seat with handles can be a great option so that your child feels completely secure.

  • You can start buying your child a potty chair when he or she is 18 month old, and put it in your bathroom so they can get used to it long before they are ready to use it, having your potty chair or seat ready before time can help you slowing introduce your child to this new idea, this way your child sees the potty chair as a house hold item and not as a outsider or invader

  • Write your child's name with a colorful permanent marker or add sticker to his potty chair of step tool.

  • Add theme and towels or personalized name towels. Decorate on your own with fabric paints, check online and buy him something special.

  • Use child friendly hooks for your child's towel instead of the usual towel bar.

  • Add some fun foam soap in a interactive child dispenser.

  • Create a pull up/dry clothes station where your child can change during the transitional weeks. Designate a drawer or add a cubby for clean pull ups.

  • Double check that the temperature on the hot water is turn on.

  • Use easy to wash enamel-base paint on the walls.

Listen and stay aware, even thought your child is becoming more independent in his own potty time, continue to supervise when he's in the bathroom for safety and for positive potty habits.