Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Child Is Always Last Minute Too Late

What if you've given your child all the appropriate reminders and she's still dancing the potty two step in the family room when she should be on her way to the bathroom? Let it be her accident. That might sound completely avoidable and unnecessary to you as an adult, but you already know how to use the potty. If you could make your child's potty choices the potty training process would be infinitely easier. However some children need to find out for themselves.

Maybe your child is playing a game with her body to see how long she can wait. Maybe she wishes she could play for five more minutes and then go. The situation will change as soon as your child doesn't like the outcome. Stay calm be patient. This problem wont last forever.

My Child Jumps Off The Potty Before Finish

Some children are always in a hurry. They run fast, eat fast, and potty fast. If your child is interested in using the potty but is too impatient to sit still, you may wat to incorporate some delay tactics. Sing a song together, read a story, teach him to whistle. Anything that will help your child to slow down.

In the meantime, treat the accident like any other accident. Let your child be aware of the near miss and clean it up without too much fanfare. His initial impulsiveness should not lead to deliberate carelessness. With more experience, he will learn to be more careful.

If your child starts to pee on the potty, then stops halfway through and finishes peeing on his pants, he may be less than 100 percent sold on the potty process. Watch for excessive external expectations. Let him wear pull ups until he's more willing to use the potty. He may need more time to become a trusting friend of the potty.