Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Goes Potty But Has Accidents When Wearing Underwear, Having Accidents After Months Of Potty Success, Pooping In Unusual Places

My Child Goes On The Potty But Has Accidents When Wearing Underwear
Your child has not been able to connect the skills he learn in one situation into the larger context. He need more time without the stress of frequent accidents. One reason could be that he read his body better when he's naked. If so, only have him wear underpants in controlled settings at home when you are as prepared for accidents as when he's naked. You might return to naked noons to recreate the optimal practice setting. Explain that he needs to wear his pull ups when you are out or when it's not potty play time because you want him to have fun doing all the other thing he loves to do.

Another reason for the difference is that using the potty may not be a high priority. when your child is dress and actively engaged. The accidents are a signal to you to back up a few steps. Unless you want to be a hands on potty partner actively anticipating your child's needs, you are better off waiting for increased self motivation. When he truly care, he'll get there.

Is It Normal To Have Accidents After Months Of Potty Success

Many Children will have accidents after months of successful pottying. There are many reason why your child is having accidents. He forgot. He got scared. He made a bad choice. After months of success, he is probably very aware of his mistakes. Potty training is emotional, and your child may have lost previous sense of control.

Hold your doubts in check, particularly in front of your child. Continue to observe the situation for changes in your child's environment. If the situation doesn't improve, contact your pediatrician to eliminate medical reasons. But for now, wait and watch. Acknowledge the situation with acceptance and address the immediate problem, a change of clothes and a hand to hold. Reconfirm your faith in his ability.

My Child Is Seeking Out Unusual Places To Poop

Children can find very creative places to poop, behind the sofa, in a closet, under a tall plant. Look at the bright side, at least you know were it is. Your main objective is to help your child feel comfortable using the potty. If you chastise his potty place, he wont be persuaded to trust your choice. He will not understand if he's been criticized or humiliated.

Re-establish the connection between the poop and the potty, just as you would if your child was ask to poop in a diaper in a regular basis. Let your child see you talking the poop back to the toilet and flushing it down. Do this without scolding, theatrics, or emotional hoopla.

If you see your child going to his private place to poop, gently try to bring him back to the potty. If that causes tremendous stress, however, allow him to continue. Try to make his chosen location as sanitary as possible. Invite your child to help with the cleanup.