Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Should I Ask My Child To Help Clean Up After An Accident

Yes, let your child be part of the solution. It will teach him a sense of responsibility, just like if he wipes up spill milk. Cleanup together. Cleanup is not a from of punishment. Make clean up a game, but be sure to let the grownups handle any actually poop cleanup.

Keep it light - "Whoops, i think we have a cleanup here!"

Ask for help - " I need a handy helper here!"

Make helping easy - Keep supplies (paper towels, a nontoxic cleaning solution a change of clothes) in a child accessible place ( on a shelf or a basket in the bathroom).

Lead the way - Start the clean up if your child resist, acting as if he's a full participant "We'll have this problem fixed in no time"

Avoid long lectures - Let the natural consequence do the teaching for you. Only talk about "woulda, coulda, shoulda" If your child initiates it.

Practice good hand washing after.

Should My Child Empty The Potty Chair If He Makes More Of A Mess

Children love to help, and they rarely see their efforts as causing more work for adults. Taking responsibility for the potty chair is a continuation of your child's taking responsibility for his body. Follow your child's interest here. If he wants to do more, he will be learning valuable self sufficiency skills that will make your life easier next year when he's more capable at the details. Try not to worry about perfection, accept small approximation at careful assistance.

Discourage recklessness. Potty training and bathroom are supposed to be fun, but they are not a free for all. You may need to slow down overly zealous helpers. Remind them that splashing the pee make more to clean up. If you sense your child is playing more than helping, thank him for his effort and give him something else to do.

Children evolve into complete helpers through routines and experience. Coercion only leads to conflict. As mentioned earlier, there is no room for conflict in successful potty training. If your child is not a willing helper, wait until after potty training to add this extra skill.