Saturday, December 5, 2009

How to Use Your Potty Training Chart For Best Results

Potty charts and sticker can be positive activities that record your child's growing skills at pottying. The basic principals behind it is that your child gets a fun sticker to place on his chart every time he uses the potty successfully. Your child's active participation in a sticker activity is his own personal announcement that "I DID IT!"

One of the reason why using a potty chart can be so great is because your positivity encouraging and and creating a more relax environment. Your taking pressure off your child while creating a game like atmosphere.

The final most important benefit is that you don't have to use other rewards like toys and food, in allot of cases this is not recommended, as your child can learn to expect those things. Most children love getting stuff. The problem is that potty age children do not always remember the symbolism of the gesture. They get hook on stuff and forget that this toy or those candies were about making good potty choices. Here are some tips to consider when getting a potty chart:

Understanding The Concept Of Rewards

Explain to your child the significance of giving him a reward every time he successfully uses the potty. Make sure he understands that the reward emphasizes his accomplishments.There is a very fine line between motivating your child with rewards and your child becoming dependent of material things.

Praise your child every chance you get. Children love attention ,the public display of his improvement on the chart will give him the motivation to keep improving.

Being Consistent

Whenever your child has successfully gone to the potty or he has let you know that he needs to go. Give a him the reward he was rightfully earned.

Be alert your child may try to throw tantrums every now and then, just to get a sticker. In does cases be firm explain to him that he will only get a sticker reward every time he goes to the potty successfully.

Also be careful not to bait him with rewards if he is not yet ready to be potty trained, by doing so you will destroy the effectiveness of the potty training chart.

Giving Material Rewards

Don't make it a habit of giving food or material prizes. Your child may learn to look for one every time he goes to the potty Giving him sweets or toys intermittently is OK, but make sure to move to the potty training rewards chart pretty soon, as this would make him less dependent on material rewards.

Choosing the right potty chart

This is all about your child, just as you would pick your child's potty chair follow the same process for the chart. They are variety on sizes and shapes, themes with your child favorite character or color let your imagination run wild.