Saturday, December 5, 2009

Making A Potty Book

Your child's personal my potty book is his potty story. The more specific it is to his needs and his journey, the more perfect it is. Your child loves looking at himself. To a potty age child building his self image, pictures become one way to define who he is in the world. Photos books increase your child's self awareness . He can reflect on the images and think, "AHA, THAT'S WHAT I LOOK LIKE." He might discover that the potty isn't so big, or he might feel pride sitting on the potty reading his book or seen him self flushing the toilet, remembering that it was a little scary the first time.

Photo books increase your child's potty comprehension. Books are tangible. It's easier to remember the potty sequence when you see it in a book in front of you. A photo book takes abstract potty choices and makes them concrete for your child. Your child can read his photo book anytime any were, when he's happy, proud, frustrated, sad, or confused. He can read it alone or with some one else. Books have power. A potty photo book gives your child power.

How To Make A Potty Photo Book

1- Take six to ten potty pictures. If you have more pictures that you want to include, divide them into two different potty theme books. You want each book to be short and sweet. here are some suggestion for pictures and captions. However, feel free to customize your books your way:

A - A Picture of your child wearing a diaper .(Once upon a time I wore a diaper)

B - A picture of your child playing. (I can feel it when I need to use the potty)

C - A picture of your child going into the bathroom, waving, smiling, and generally acting it up. (Got to go!) or (Go to go now!)

D - A picture of your child sitting on the potty. (I feel good)

E - A picture of your child washing his hands. ( Happy potty to me)

F - A picture of you kissing, hugging, or high five-ing your child. (Yeah we did it)

G - Additional pictures might be of different bathrooms, the potty with out your child, a teddy bear on the potty, friends and family cheering for your child, or an artistic still life of underpants on display on a clothesline or in a interesting arrangement on the bed.

2 - Paste or print your picture on heavy card stock paper.

3 - Write or print your captions. Fewer words are better for these young readers.

4 - Decorate the book with stickers or designs, if desired.

5 - Laminate it at your local office store.

6 - The My potty book is to be well read and well loved. Your child's book will become worn and batter. Make two if you want a keepsake to put away. You should also make additional copies to keep at a grandparent's or baby sitter's home.