Saturday, December 5, 2009

Choosing The Best Time To Switch From Diaper/Pull Ups To Cloth Underwear

Underwear is a big milestone in the potty game. Try not to be anxious to make the switch. Your child will get his long awaited underpants after he's demonstrated he can stay dry with ease. If you don't feel fairly confident that the majority of potty training is behind you, don't do it.

You want las Vegas house odds that your child is mastering the potty routine. He has the skills and he has the attitude to say "SEE YA DON'T NEED YA". After the practice of the POTTY WEEKEND AND POTTY DAYS, the move to underpants is a definite goodbye to diapers. Not maybe, not cross fingers, and not a bribe. sometimes your child cannot resist the lure of underwear and he'll make promises he can't keep. "PLEASE MOMMY, PLEASE MOMMY, PLEEEEEASE". In this instance, you know better than your child if you're setting him up to fail.If the skills are not there, underwear wont make a difference.

There are times when the switch to underwear brings the final click to the potty puzzle and it's worth the gamble. If your child is overly cautious about change or risks, you may have to lead the way. Just be sure you're ready to live with the consequences. You will need a positive,supportive, hands on potty partner if you make the switch and your child is not ready, willing, and able to go at it alone.

Quick Check List

✓ Make sure you child has truly master the potty routine.

✓ He's able to dress and undress on his own.

✓ He's demonstrated he can stay dry with ease.

✓ You're ready and able to handle the consequences with out having a meltdown of your own.

✓ You're able to stay on top of your child for at least two week to remind him of his potty routines if need it.