Thursday, December 10, 2009

What To Do If Your Child Is No Longer Interested In His Potty Chart

One of the problems with sticker charts is that they loose their effectiveness when the novelty wears off. They are fun at first because they are new and children love the attention. Sticker chart are meaningful wen they support your child's interest versus when the chart are intended to generate interest. For example when your child is striving to be potty proficient, the sticker chart is a concrete record of getting closer and closer to his goal.

Smart children, who are not potty motivated, realize fairly early that they have other options. This creates an opportunity for a power struggle similar to when you offer your child a choice of blue or red and your child picks green at some point, your child figures out that it's not about stickers at all but about something else that he doesn't really wants to do. And he rebels

Honor his choice and wait on the potty training until he has an interest that will sustain him thought the training process. you will enjoy it more and so will he.

What To Do If Your Child Tells You He has To Go But Fails To Preform While At The Potty

When dealing with a situation where you can see obvious readiness in some areas but not in all. Your child has the intellectual readiness (knows what to do in the potty) and the emotional readiness (he has the desire), but he doesn't have the physical readiness to make it happen when he wants. Unfortunately, until that last piece of the puzzle is in place, you could be waiting in the bathroom all day, which is not the best use of your time, or his.

you can encourage him by following his lead. Support his interest and let him sit on the potty, ready or not. Make a big deal of looking to see if pee or poop came out. If not, tell him "OH WELL, MAYBE NEXT TIME." Continue the positive routine wipe with toilet paper, flush the toilet, wash hands, and pull up pants.