Saturday, December 5, 2009

Getting Started With Your Personal Potty Plan

You have done all your preparation, you know what you're getting involved in, sort of. You've set a foundation for a positive potty experience. Your child is interested in using the potty and he has had some casual success. Now, it's time to look into the future and make a guess on how to bring it all together. This is not an arbitrary role of the dice. You can now make an informed decision based on years of parenting experience.

Will you choose the Potty Weekend Camp, Naked Noons, or Weekend Mini Potty Play Days?

Remember Temperament Styles.

✓ Does your child like to go into new situations slow or fast?

✓ Does your child need structure routine or can he adapt to some inconsistency?

✓ Does your child want to do everything his way or does your child prefer a little hand holding?

✓ Does your child get stuck in frustrating situation or barrel forward through frustration?

✓ How can you support you child best chances of success?

Evaluate Your Needs.

✓ Are you ready for an all-consuming weekend or do you prefer devoting a little time each day?

✓ How hands on do you want to be and for how long?

✓ What is a realistic given your current work and family schedules?

✓ How can you best manage months of potty training activities

Use The Following Guide To See Which Plan Best Fits Your Child And Your Family

Potty Weekend works best for parents who like structure and for children who adapt more quickly to change.

Naked Noons works best for parent who can maintain consistency for an extended time and for children who like slow and steady pace.

Weekend Mini and Potty Play Days work well for unstructured parents with full schedules and for children who are extremely adaptable and independent but not for children who need more consistency and structure.

Weekend Camp

  • ▪ More structure
  • ▪ Depends on previous activities
  • ▪ More adaptability required
  • ▪ Faster pace
  • ▪ Intense focus
  • ▪ More potential for independence
  • ▪ High frustration potential

Naked Noons

  • ▪ More structure
  • ▪ High consistency
  • ▪ Low adaptability required
  • ▪ Gradual pace
  • ▪ Gentle focus
  • ▪ More potential for cooperation
  • ▪ Low frustration potential

Weekend Minis And Potty Play Days

  • ▪ Less structure
  • ▪ Low consistency
  • ▪ High adaptability
  • ▪ Gradual pace
  • ▪ Gentle focus
  • ▪ More potential for independence
  • ▪ More frustration potential

When To Implement Your Potty Plan

Your potty age child is most likely in a developmental stage of wanting to know what's coming next. Remember, emotional comfort and intellectual predictability go hand-in-hand. Or as the adults say, knowledge is power. While you may be ready to begin tomorrow, your child probably needs a little more advance warning, especially the child with slow to warm-up temperament. The child with a difficult temperament will need a invisible preparation, that is, with out too much talking.

With that in mind, pick a start date at least a week or two in advance. If you're choosing the potty weekend camp, your ending date is clear but flexible. The part time potty options require you to look ahead in your schedule. Are other events coming up that disrupt the consistency of your potty plans, holidays, vacations, visitors, new babies, new school, birthdays? Be sure to plan for and with the expected happening.

Customizing Your Potty plan

You already know who, what, where, when and how, Formally or informally, construct your plan and make it your reference point for the weeks ahead. Personalize the plan with your child's favorite themes and characters. Plan activities that will interest your child at times that are convenient for you. You don't want to be caught at the end of your Potty Weekend Camp with out the cup cake or the right words to encourage your child to the next step.