Saturday, December 5, 2009

Combination's Of Temperament

Parents usually see aspects of different temperaments style in each individual child. The important message behind the research on temperaments styles is that the adults must modify their interactions to complement the child's strengths.

Some combination's of temperaments style are often counter intuitive. For example, your child might be easy and difficult at the same time. He might enjoy new people and places, and be the first to join a group. Yet when He falls apart, he does so with shocking fury. This happens consistently, whether he is an infant or in her terrible two's. Or, your child might be slow to warm-up and difficult he could be the happiest kid on the block at home where the routine in consistent and predictable.

But when faced with a new situation, he may need slow, frequent repetition. And if he gets frustrated, he loses the ability to stand back and regroup. Instead he shouts an earth shattering "NO!" and runs to the farthest reaches of the house. The best potty training practices will work for most children most of the the time. You will also carry a little bag of parenting tricks that adapts to your child's unique personality.