Monday, December 21, 2009

Step Two Make Sure Your Ready To Potty Train Your Child

Are You Ready ? Choose The Right Time To Start Potty Training.

When your not preoccupied with other commitments When your free from a older child's high need period When your not stress from work A week before child birth ( a new baby in the house tends to cause regression) and so on

Tools That You Will Need To Include

  • Sense of humor
  • Endless patience
  • Creative market
  • Potty chair
  • Training pants

Always remember you have the Knowledge you need to help your toddler potty train, you just may need to be pointed in the right direction. But you know your child best, you know he's likes and dislikes , what motivates him most, and the signs he's reach his breaking point for example:

  • You know if you get him up and out the door before 10 a.m he'll be in a great mood all mourning, but if you dally and miss the window of opportunity he"ll become cranky an hour before nap time.

  • You know it takes her or him a good 15 minutes to warm up to anyone but you and your spouse.

  • You Know how to say "no" in man different ways.

  • You know he or she will be climbing your friends coffee table before you visit over.

  • You already know this and much more about your child. You're the expert, and these are the keys to unlocking that potty training door.

Some Times attention to the readiness factor opens the door to a new stage. When you wonder about your child's crawling, you started putting toys just a little farther from his reach. This encourage your child to try new movements. Your attention encourage your child to do some thing new and exciting. At the same time, you were careful not to frustrate your baby. Anything you do to support your child's development is about making discoveries with your child. This is not an urgent intervention, your not doing something to your child. Instead use a gentle curiosity to explore what your child knows and what he wants. Before embarking on a potty agenda, you should consider the type of preliminary information your giving your child. Have you talked about potty behavior in general.? Do you make bathroom routines as interesting as story times? After all, learning about bodies and bathroom is certainly appealing to children.

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