Saturday, December 5, 2009

Potty Games For NightTime

Beds are very comfortable places when you're sleepy. Your child may wake up with the sensation of needing to potty but might still take enormous effort to actually get out of the bed, especially when he's small and it's dark. If your child is having difficulty getting to the bathroom, practice some of these bathroom games during the day to build his nighttime confidence.

  • Make a masking tape line from the his bed to the potty.

  • Trace his footprint on construction paper. Cut, laminate, and tape a path to follow on the floor from his bed to the potty.

  • Put a fun flashlight by his bed to shine the way.

  • Add a song to the walk. "HEIGH HO! HEIGH HO! IT'S OFF TO THE POTTY I GO!"

  • Count the steps from his bed to the potty during the day. See if there are more or less steps at night.

  • Talk about all the animal that come out at night, smart owls, strong tiger, quiet snakes, noisy cricket, sneaky sharks. Let your child pretend he's one of those animals when he wakes to go potty. (remind him to go right back to bed though) Give him a nocturnal pet like a gerbil or house shoe crabs.

  • Add a Johnny Light to the toilet and your toilet will light green (for go) when the toilet lid is up