Thursday, December 10, 2009

How To Handle Embarrassing Public Potty Experiences

If you are with your child, treat a public potty accident with the same four step protocol as you would any other accident. With out too much high drama. Do not let your emotions embarrassment contribute to your child's shame. If you happen to be in a non-child-friendly place, be prepared to neutralize negative stares and whispers with simple comments that your child can understand. "YES, WE HAD AN ACCIDENT AND WE'RE DOING A GOOD JOB OF FIXING THE PROBLEM." Transform the negative moment into a family story to be retold often. "REMEMBER THE TIME YOU HAD THE POTTY ACCIDENT AT THE MALL AND EVERYONE WAS LOOKING AT US..."

Some times a child might be leery of returning to the scene of a potty accident. Encourage him to return as soon as possible. If he's worried that an adult will scold him or children will laugh at him, give him the tools to face those situations. Speak to the adult in advance. Ask them to talk to your child immediately and explain they will not be mean. Clarify what your child should do next time to avoid similar mistakes and ask for help.

Plan a response with your child about how to face his peers. Help choose his words, something strong and direct like, "DON'T LAUGH AT ME. I DON'T LIKE IT AND I WOULDN'T LAUGH AT YOU. Enlist the help of the teacher for moral support. You cannot promise your child that people will be kind, but you can be ready to congratulate and comfort him.