Saturday, December 5, 2009

How To Answer The Inevitable Question Where Does The Pee And Poop Go?

The simple answer to your future engineer is: The pee and poop move from your house through pipes and they go back into the ground to add good things to the soil and the water. Zealous parents can really encourage a child's curiosity by planning a field trip with friends to the local water treatment plant. Children love seeing first hand where poop and pee goes.

Potty training is a study in self discovery and in the biology of all living things. You could study in your own backyard what happen to animal and bugs poop and pee. Young children love talking about poop and pee, start watching for evidence on neighborhood walks. If you have a dog, let your child hose the poops and watch them disappear into the ground. If you're on a walk and scoop the dog poop in a bag, put it in a garbage can and talk about what happens next. Birds, snails, raccoons, the investigation is limitless and definitely interesting to a young child.