Saturday, December 5, 2009

How To Adapt The weekend Training Camp for Slow To Warm-Up Temperament Child

Children Who are slow to warm-up need time to adapt to change. You can give your slow to warm-up child time in a few different ways:

  • Extend the length of potty preparation time. Slow to warm-up child wants to practice his potty skills a little at time and over long period of time. He prefers mastery in small manageable pieces rather than big bites. Stretch his competence slowly by adding new skills and new challenges.

  • Use the potty weekend as the culmination of months of increasingly successful potty behavior. The slow to warm-up child does not like surprises. Hold off on potty weekend until you are confident that mastery is already there for your child.The weekend is more of a ritual farewell to diapers than a teaching time.

  • Naked noons give a slow to warm-up child the opportunity for gradual success with an involved supportive parent. the slow to warm-up child also likes the extended daily routine. Anchor the new routine to simple reassuring messages. For example "WHEN I GO ON THE POTTY I DONT NEED MY DIAPER", HIP HIP HOORAY FOR ME!,. Before you know it you will hear your child repeat does words to himself as he moved forward through the potty process.

  • Weekend potty play days, are a second option leading to gradual success. The gap in between practice days is manageable for children with strong verbal and cognitive development because they can talk about what's coming. Slow to warm-up children like to see and talk about the connection's Between their weekend mini sessions and their weekday progress. Slow to warm-up children are not walking over bridges if they don't believe the beams are strongly anchored into firm ground.